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The Sexiest Girls Alive

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The beautiful women of LJ

* For photographica erotica
* Only members are allowed to post and comment.
* Must 18 or over to post.

* Do not post photos of other people unless you were the photographer, and then only with their permission.

* No plagiarism, do not use other people's material, whether pictures or writing.

* No flaming, play nice.
* Preferably females only, although we cannot make that an absolute rule.

(Theoretically we would not be able to place an age limit, since that would be discrimination based on age, but there are laws. Some people can get really crazy.)

(Yes, I changed the focus of this community)

Note that being sexy and engaging in sex are two different things.

Attractiveness is a form of beauty, it is a different thing than simple nakedness. For example, if Rush Limbaugh were seen naked, it likely would not be considered to be attractive by a lot of people.

Some people cannot help being attractive, they were born that way. Most people would like to be attractive. Some people insist on being attractive. Since majority rules, we will go with the people who want to be attractive. For the others, there is the proudtobeugly community which I ran across the other day. (although it's not necessarily for people who are physically ugly, apparently)

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